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Why Partner with Mac’s LTC?

Local pharmacy services, improving patient health, increasing health care education; these are all substantial reasons why you should partner with Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions. We are a known Technology Industry Leader in robotics and automation and our partners are the ones that benefit from this. At the core of our business are the partners and relationships we have, and we do all we can to care for those relationships. 

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Food to Eat to Help Prevent Diabetes

At Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions, we pride ourselves on improving the health of our community partners’ residents, but we also aim to educate clients before their health declines. We offer the communities we partner with education services for their residents and also their staff. It is important to be well-educated on proper medication administration, pharmacy services, and healthy habits. Our on-site education opportunities teach a number of topics such as heart health, nutrition practices, and diabetes-related courses. Diabetes can be a complex and expensive disease that requires constant self-management. The optimum way to control diabetes is to prevent it from happening. The best way to prevent diabetes is to control what you eat, and Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions has provided a list of foods that can help you do just that.

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The Differences Between an LTC Pharmacy and a Retail Pharmacy

With an aging population, it is more apparent than ever to have their continuous pharmaceutical needs met. Fortunately, with advancing medical science, we can be more responsive to those who have the most significant medical needs, our seniors. When we focus our services for the seniors in our country, we need to ease the complexities the caregiver must endure helping with proper treatment. These complexities involve medication organization, dosage confirmation, proper scheduling, and prescription drug acquisition. For a senior living community full of seniors, which would be a better pharmacy option, a Long-term Care also known as an LTC Pharmacy or a Retail Pharmacy?

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Why a Family Operated Business that is Locally-Owned Matters

Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions is a family operated business, in addition to being locally-owned. At Mac's LTC we can focus on our senior living communities and their residents’ needs located throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. So, why does being a business that is family operated or locally owned benefit with this goal?

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How to Prepare for Allergy Season with Mac's LTC

As the days warm up, you are more likely to want to spend your time in the outdoors. The springtime brings colorful flowers, sun shining days, and unfortunately, pollen and similar irritants. If you are an older adult with a chronic ailment, you are more susceptible to allergies in the spring. Fortunately, Mac's LTC has ways for you to prepare for the allergy season and tips for dealing with allergy symptoms. 

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Tips for Maintaining a Positive Culture

Company culture is in essence, a magnified scope of a company's core values and beliefs. At Mac's LTC our values are to be caring, trustworthy, innovative, genuine, and driven. Maintaining a positive company culture is essential for your company to be well-rounded and successful. For you to ensure the culture at your firm is nurturing to success, it is imperative that you align your values with organizational goals. The environment of an office can have a profound impact on an employee's reactions and outcomes, which can affect the business as a whole. There are four simple tips for maintaining a positive culture that you can implement in the office every day.

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Positive Relationships and Cultures: What No One Teaches 

At Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions, improving lives through relationships is central to our mission. Strong bonds are present both with our team members and our partners. As a whole, Mac’s LTC values being caring, trustworthy, innovative, genuine, and driven. These values shape how we cultivate relationships with business partners and team members to create a unique and healthy culture. Our bigger picture is to provide solutions that improve the lives of everyone around us. We know each component of our operation impacts the structure and culture of our organization. Additionally, we partner with doctors and other care providers with one vital goal in mind, ensuring patients receive optimal care and necessary medications.

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What Makes a Great Pharmacy Partner?

There are numerous factors that contribute to making a pharmacy an excellent partner. One of the most important factors is developing a diligent, compassionate, and competent staff. A staff with these qualities can offer consultations in medication and proper administration which work towards solutions with chronic health issues. These solutions can help to provide affordable alternatives to generic brands and other options available. Additionally, a great pharmacy offers both education and access regarding convenient vaccinations. These pharmacies will also provide assistance in understanding and choosing pill dispensers and bottles, with several options related to easy-to-open containers and special packaging. On top of all that, having the desire to improve the health of the population while decreasing costs with added values like providing access to various levels on a drug formulary is characteristic of a beneficial pharmacy.

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How to Make Your MedPass More Efficient


Medication administration time, which is commonly referred to as a med pass, at any long-term care facility can be a challenging time. No matter how seasoned the nurses and staff is, many moving pieces can complicate the situation including multiple medications per resident, illegible instructions, emergencies, new orders, and family interruptions. All of these scenarios can often drag out the process and, depending on the size of the facility, make medication administration almost a full-time job for staff.

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Immunization Recommendations for Aging Adults


Immunizations are typically thought of as something we all get when we are children – but not so much as we continue to age. However, some childhood vaccines wear off with time, leaving adults and the elderly unprotected.

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